Licensing Opportunity

The fastest and most profitable way to grow your business is Licensing! It lets you instantly utilize a streamlined selling system, and launch an existing product in your markets. You can purchase Kaleidoscope’s technology and add your new ideas or enhancements to it. Kaleidoscope has created a digital marketing display that markets any business. We’ve done the work for you. Also, you will maximize your existing clients, distribution methods, and channels. Now all there is to do is introduce it to your clients! You can generate a significant portion of your revenue from licensing agreements. Plus, it’s a way to add a new product with ease. Licensing is a formula for success!

Benefits of a Licensing Opportunity

  • New and recurring revenue streams
  • A quick and easy way to sell a new product
  • Offers your clients an extremely cost-effective marketing tool
  • Gives you access to new markets and clients
  • Effective sales training

Kaleidoscope is the perfect addition to your product offerings, and bundles well with these businesses:

  • Advertising
  • Consulting
  • IT Services
  • Marketing
  • Web & Social Media

A great way to be a champion with your clients is to offer Kaleidoscope! When you choose to work with Kaleidoscope, we can tailor the opportunity in a variety of ways including; classic distribution, white labeling, licensing or a hybrid.

The power of digital marketing offers a content-rich display, personalized for any business, plus it will showcase your clients’ unique services.

You can shorten your time in launching a new tested and proven product with Kaleidoscope. Plus, attract new customers and maximize your growth. Our effective sales training will get you started quickly.

You will benefit from trusted experts; as our executive team has a wealth of experience.

How your clients will benefit from Kaleidoscope:

  • Builds and strengthens relationships which encourages referrals and retention
  • Customization gives them flexibility and control of their content
  • New services will be discovered

If you are interested in the Kaleidoscope Licensing Opportunity CLICK HERE to schedule your brief call.