Our Story

Charis, founder and president of Kaleidoscope, understands the Orthodontic market very well, as she started her own graphic and design business in this market. She has helped over 500 practices achieve greater success and increase their market share. Charis has hands-on-experience in starting an Orthodontic practice from the ground up with her husband Don L. Wilson, DDS, MSD. Doctors came to her, knew of her talents and trusted her to create a visually appealing and user-friendly product, which is Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope in many ways is like having your own designer. You can create your own personalized content, or choose from any of our beautifully designed backgrounds and templates. We also have monthly automatic updates; so clients will receive over 50 new fully designed layouts added to their display every month without doing anything!

Charis Santillie,
Founder and President

Charis Santillie is the founder of Kaleidoscope. An entrepreneur from an early age, she helped her parents grow their home business into a successful international corporation. Her 25 years of business accomplishments in the fields of consulting, marketing, and product launches encompass a variety of industries. Charis graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business.

Prior to starting her own business, she managed projects for a leading consulting firm in San Francisco, and worked with over 60 leading, emerging-growth high-tech and bio-tech companies in Silicon Valley, but it was her involvement in her family’s business that catalyzed Charis’ true entrepreneurial energy.

Staying true to her roots in marketing and developing, she started her own design business and within a few years was instrumental in starting her husband’s orthodontic practice.  In combining these two, Charis recognized a niche market opportunity and created an orthodontic and dental practice marketing company.

Seeing a true need for out-of-the-box marketing within the business community at-large, Charis designed and developed Kaleidoscope, a stunning, visual display that has become the premier in-office marketing tool for businesses in a variety of industries. As a matter of fact, many of her clients and doctors came to her unhappy with the digital marketing services in their practices, so with that in mind she created Kaleidoscope, a marketing solution for the business community at large. Her keen product sense, creativity and commitment to excellence are a powerful combination.

Kaleidoscope’s creative, artistic and imaginative service comes from Charis’ talents and experience as she started her boutique design company for orthodontists. This, in addition to building her husband’s orthodontic practice from scratch, gave her an excellent foundation to build Kaleidoscope.

Charis is currently involved in developing the best product, design aesthetics, as well as innovative future growth opportunities.

Debra Shine,
Business Development Officer

Debra Shine is very excited to speak with you about the opportunity to sell Kaleidoscope and create a Debra Shine, Kaleidoscope Business Development Officer offering digital signage opportunitiesnew revenue stream for you! It is great to work with businesses like yours who recognize the importance of building alliances as a growth strategy using digital signage.

Our unique business opportunities allow you to sell Kaleidoscope through your existing sales and distribution channels, plus offers a marketing solution for your clients and builds brand loyalty.

Debra’s background includes 40 years of sales, marketing and business consulting with a wide variety of companies to increase their bottom line and have them succeed. Debra has also raised capital for clients.

She has opened new markets and sales offices in England, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Japan, and negotiated joint ventures in the U.S. and internationally.

Debra began her career with four computer companies, two of which went public. She achieved unrivaled sales in the Midwest by establishing a $13M distribution channel in only two years and developing a $50M international market in two years for a Fortune 500 company.

While working as the Chief Public Relations Officer for a non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, over 250 press releases were published and 300 employer/employee programs were established to reduce pollution. She also created three community campaigns, which received Certificates of Recognition from the California State Assembly.

Her vast experience includes serving as a Campaign Manager who placed three women in political office, serving as President of two Chambers of Commerce, and working as a consultant on two public/private partnerships with the Golden Gate Bridge District.

She has designed and produced seminars, including those for Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course. Debra also authored a $1.2M environmental grant that was awarded to Marin County, California and then served as the Executive Director to implement the program. She has also been the owner of four successful businesses, two marketing companies, a consulting business, and a day spa, which served over 600 clients.

Recently, Debra assisted in the development and design of Kaleidoscope, the digital marketing display, including all aspects, raising funds, sales, business development strategies, contract negotiations, marketing, internal protocols and staffing.

Kaleidoscope markets and advertises any business in the lobby and waiting areas with personalized content that displays products and services.

Now Debra is creating new markets and channels to sell and license Kaleidoscope.